Producer Masaru Higasa was born on the mystical Island of Okinawa, Japan where he was first inspired to play with the sounds from his ancestors- He brings a deeply resonating history through multicultural traditional instruments and offers a backbone of enticing beats that get the body moving.



Through many years of travel and study of world music, Jeff Kimes calls to our audiotory sense with deeply vibrational sounds of the Didgeridoo, seamless biological beats and gracefully versed percussion.

Citta Flow:

The still point of a dynamic dialogue between the analogue and digital, ancient and modern, presenting an organic sonic fusion of the origin and future of musical exploration. The music is infused with a mindfulness towards internal depths, spacious meditation, and alchemically healing intentions. Cittaflow’s music is improvisational by nature, weaving electronic production and traditional instruments from around the world a creating a deep organic hybrid of our ancient roots of music with the cutting edge of sound technology and musical vision.  The result is an evolving sound capable of adapting and responding to the spirit of the event and and the audience present.

The intention is to create from the source, from the true spirit of each musician and instrument. By truly stepping aside and letting the spirit talk, the listener can journey, heal, and experience the transformative power of vibrations.

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